Nodejs application timedout whenever PMM started


We have two servers(node1[master] and node2[slave]) and have setup GTID between this servers.
We have setup PMM on master server and nodejs application on slave server which connect MYSQL remotely on master server.
Whenever we start PMM on master server, after some time, we are getting timedout error in nodejs application and when we stopped the PMM, nodejs application works perfectly without any error.
MySQL max_connection is set as 500 and maximun connection used is 45.
Any idea, what could be the reason of timedout?
Any help will be appreciated.


Hi nshah14285
When you say you set up PMM, do you mean on node1 you installed PMM Server?

You should check for resource contention issues on node1. PMM expects to be running on a dedicated linux instance, but if you are also running a mysqld Master on node1 you might be causing issues.

Take a look at the MySQL error log on node1, since this is the service suffering the unavailability.

Also what does the dashboard MySQL Overview show for node1 during the periods of normal operation and also when the nodejs application cannot connect?