Node summary show 'exit status 1'


I am brand new to Percona Monitoring and Management. I have installed it and it seems to (finally!) work fine on 2 machines:

  • a VPN for the PMM server (in a docker container)
  • another VPN where I host a MySQL docker, and another docker for the PMM client

When I show the “OS / Node Summary” panel and select the MySQL node in the “Node name” dropdown, I get the following, with an “exit status 1” error in the “System Summary” box. (see screenshot below). The other information for uptime, vCPUs, load average etc are correct.

When I select the PMM server node instead, then the text information is displayed properly in that “System Summary” box.

Do you know what I did wrong and how to fix this?

Many thanks!

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Hi @Bfredo123

THe error your are seeing indicates that pt-summary isn’t available for your installation and so that box reports an error. You could try installing the package percona-toolkit and see if that resolves the error. Let us know!

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Thank you very much Michael!
However I am a confused, and afraid to do something wrong.

Should I install this:

  • on the PMM server or on the PMM client?
  • should I do it in the PMM Docker container, or on the host VPS?

BTW, I have realized I have mistakenly written “VPN” instead of “VPS” (for virtual private server) in my initial post – will try to edit it to correct this.

Thank you!

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Hi @Bfredo123

You should install this on the client

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