No Database or Host on MySQL Instances Overview

Good Day. Today I have installed pmm2 on docker. I have add client with below command. But no client showing on MySQL Instances Overview and PMM Home Page. Would you please help me on this. 
pmm-admin config --server-insecure-tls --server-url=https://admin:password@
[root@mysql-clinet ~]# pmm-admin list
Service type  Service name         Address and port  Service IDMySQL         sl-mysql    /service_id/93186162-37e4-4378-99d8-887bde4df20c
Agent type                  Status     Agent ID                                        Service IDpmm_agent                   Connected  /agent_id/f89daa2a-db97-453f-af22-82ba1a514140node_exporter               Running    /agent_id/b8aeb19e-6b32-4829-91f1-9f5e7b4b5138mysqld_exporter             Running    /agent_id/b3b5b98f-4dcd-4d47-ade3-f2503631359c  /service_id/93186162-37e4-4378-99d8-887bde4df20cmysql_slowlog_agent         Waiting    /agent_id/1dd591ab-6673-4510-bda8-8574945c09f3  /service_id/93186162-37e4-4378-99d8-887bde4df20c

Hi @shohaghbd
Basically you have to add monitoring service after configuring client with server.
pmm-admin --config  
pmm-admin --add 

–config = Connecting PMM Clients to the PMM Server

–add = add MySQL service to monitoring

did you face any issue while performing above steps?

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Since pmm-admin list is showing a stuff running on the node I’m going to assume you DID run the pmm-admin add command.  One thing that can be tricky (which we are working fixing!) is that you can register a pmm-client to a server and make an outgoing TCP connection on 443 and get success BUT that registers the client with the server, fires up the exporters on the local ports of 4200x (42001,42002 in your case) of the client and instructs the PMM server to make a connection TO those ports on the client and that’s usually where things break. I’d go to the host for your pmm server and see if you can telnet from to on port 42001 (‘telnet 42001’ gonna guess no) so you would need to look at UFW or iptables or another firewalls that could be interfering.  You can also get a better idea by looking at to see if the “unhealthy” targets are complaining about no route to hose, connection timeout or context time exceeded…all of which point to networking getting in the way. 

When we finish fixing we should be able to do everything over the client–>server tcp/443 connection so if you can register your node you WILL get data!  Don’t have an ETA for a release yet but designs are all done, scope’s defined, just need it worked in with the rest of the priorities (it’s high, but not at the top). 

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You just configure pmm client which enable only node monitoring. If you want to monitor mysql, mongodb, postgreSQL further then you need to add these services for monitoring like below:
pmm-admin --add

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