No data for InnoDB Storage Summary

MySQL version: 5.7.28, running on ubuntu 18.04.1
pmm-admin version: 2.2.0
installation: via kubernetes on aws [URL][/URL]
resources: memory 2Gi, cpu 0.5

MySQL configurations:

  • SET GLOBAL innodb_monitor_enable=all;
  • performance_schema ON

I got two MySQL servers, production and test, with the same configuration and dbs with almost the same data.

I got the pmm server up and running just fine, from both servers I can add services to get data from perfschema or slowquery and I can see the QAN with no problem at all.

But I also want to see the InnoDB metrics and table sizes… as at first I was not able to get it from the services i had set up using “pmm-admin add mysql…” from the clients I created an instance from “PMM Add Instance” tab.

When I configure the instance for the test MySQL all InnoDB metrics and table sizes I want displays just fine, however, when I do the exactly same thing for production MySQL some data appear to not be collected. Like all the data from InnoDB Storage Summary and MySQL table details, both tables com as standard.

The image attached shows the MySQL InnoDB Details dashboard and illustrates that the InnoDB Storage cant get any data for the production MySQL. As I said before, for the test MySQL all works fine.

So, what am I doing wrong? What can I do to fix this?
I already checked this link [URL][/URL] and everything looks fine.
Checked all firewall rules, inbound and outbound permissions, double checked MySQL configuration…