No any information show for schemas in PMM Query analytics

Hello, I’m just installed pmm, but in PMM Query analytics got just queries responsible for querieng monitoring data. Schema n/a contains 99.5% of all queries, but in my working schema it just shows one query “USE NAME_OF_MY_DB”. I’m using mysql 5.6.39, maybe that’s the reason? How to locate the issue?
UPD: pmm-admin status shows
/agent_id/712e25eb-536a-41e5-9193-a53ef999f4cb mysql_perfschema_agent Running 0 - so it isn’t collecting data, but why?

What version of PMM are you using? 5.6 went EOL just over 2 years ago and we stopped testing about a year ago as we ended our own post-EOL support for 5.6. You might have luck going with an older PMM client/server combination (5.15.0 was the last release when it went official EOL but maybe 5.23.0 or so would give better results than the latest version).

Thank you, I’ve installed 2.15.0 server and client, but the same result. Another thing worth mentioning that my mysql and pmm-client are on lxd container, so maybe something related to this is the issue (but on the other hand, if no connection, why then I see query “USE NAME_OF_MY_DB” for my every working schema in Query Analytics)…

Hello @iPavel,
You can look in the PMM agent logs to find out why the collector isn’t running. Perhaps permissions issue, or similar. Beyond that, as Steve said, 5.6 isn’t supported anymore. And as an FYI, 5.7 goes EOL October 2023 so you should really put forth effort to upgrade to MySQL 8.