New to mysql backup: Are there incremental + logical options?

Would like to loop over source databases/tables, mysqldump’ing in parallel on forked processes…

…gather the resulting files, move them to target server

and then loop over them in individual, parallel mysql import statement in parallel

…and catch up the inconsistencies of this “hot” logical backup using mysqlbinlog to make the target database consistent?

Looking for MYSQLDUMP incremental and pitr recovery options

PS (for now, physical/xtrabackup not an option.)

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Hello @RDM,
Check out GitHub - maxbube/mydumper: Official mydumper project for parallel logical backup and restore. Once you restore to server B, you will know the GTID to which B is consistent. Then you can replay binlogs from source starting from that GTID. Or, simply set up B to be a replica of A and that will sync the changes.

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