Need to set Region and environment of already added MySQL Nodes


I have added few MySQL nodes in PMM using command like below, but I need to set the Region and Environment of these nodes now:

Region will include our geographical data center locations and Environment will be Production, DR or QA.

Can I do it from PMM UI for the Inventory already added in PMM?

pmm-admin add mysql --username=pmm --password=‘****’ --query-source=perfschema

Hi, I believe there is no way to add extra labels at this time. You will need to remove the nodes from pmm-admin and add them again with the extra arguments. Existing metrics will be preserved if you use the same service names.

@Ivan_Groenewold can you please let me know the command to remove and then add as well?
I want to save the monitoring history of the nodes as well.

my nodes names are like hostname and service names are like hostname-mysql

Hello Farhan,

To remove, I’d follow the documentation and use:

get list

pmm-admin list

remove node_name (from above)

pmm-admin remove mysql node_name

add (refer the option reference)

pmm-admin add mysql --username=pmm --password=‘****’ --query-source=perfschema  --service-name=service_name --custom-labels=region=east,app=app1


@kedarpercona I am getting below while removing using the command you provied:

invalid API key. Please check username and password.

any fix for this? please.

Hi Farhan,
Can you share the command you’re using? (hoe the credentials are correct) I hope you already have configured the server using pmm-admin config. Mario has written a good blog on the steps.