Need to same secret before mongodb restore

Can someone please explain, why do we need same k8s secret for the restore. Is it necessary to backup the secret as well? Bcz, If in case, we loose the entire k8s cluster for some reason, and we may create new setup and try to restore the backup. And during this process, as new secret will be present in k8s, the restore process fails.

passwords as in the original cluster. More details about secrets can be found in System Users. The name of the required
Secrets object can be found out from the spec.secrets key in the deploy/cr.yaml .```

Hello @Vivek_Shinde ,

yes, for now you must backup the secrets as well.
We have in plans to remove this constraint and just allow users to recover from a backup. Don’t have particular ETA, but somewhere Q3 most probably.


Noted. Thank you for quick response. It will be good to have this feature :slight_smile: