Need clarity in PMM 2 system usage requirements

We have a requirement to add approximately 300+ MySQL nodes to a PMM server for monitoring purposes. While reviewing the FAQ link provided below, I found some details that require clarification:

What are the minimum system requirements?

  • Server:
    • Disk: 1 GB per monitored database (1 week data retention)
    • Memory: 2 GB per monitored database
    • CPU: Supports SSE4.2
  • Client:
    • Disk: 100 MB

Question 1: Regarding “Memory: 2 GB per monitored database,” does this mean we need 2GB for each individual MySQL instance to be monitored? For example, for 100 MySQL nodes, would we need 200GB of memory? Is this not a significant amount?

Question 2: As mentioned earlier, could you please provide assistance in determining the total resources required (CPU, memory, disk, etc.) to monitor approximately 300+ MySQL nodes while retaining the data for a month(including QAN data as well)?

Hello @pravata_dash,

I am going to summarize the response for both questions below.
About minimum requirements documentation says:

A minimum of 2 GB per monitored database node. The increase in memory usage is not proportional to the number of nodes. For example, data from 20 nodes should be easily handled with 16 GB.

Note that there it says it is not proportional to number of nodes and hints another estimate of 16G/20 nodes. This way you would be able to monitor 100 instances with 80G.

Review following posts and responses:

Also we have an old blog but it should surely give you a good enough understanding to estimate:


Thank you for providing the information, Kedar.

It seems that the blog post you shared is related to Pmm-1, but we are currently using the latest version, Pmm-2.
I have found a recent blog post that contains more detailed information.
You can find it at this link:

Please inform me if the information in this latest blog post is sufficient for our consideration.

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Hi @pravata_dash,

Right, that’s more recent blog and I can confirm you can base your estimation from the minimum requirements.


Thanks for the clarification.