How much storage space is required on PMM Server

Hello Team,
I am configuring pmm for our non prod and prod environments. There are 12 servers, mongodb nodes which we need to monitor. The number might increase in the future. All I wanted to know is , is there any basic requirement or metrics for the storage requirements based on the number of servers being monitored ?

Hi lalit

Good question! It comes down to the number of metric series that are collected and stored, which is roughly equivalent to how many MongoDB instances you plan to track. Based on PMM Demo, MongoDB nodes export less than 1k metrics (compared to some MySQL-based nodes that export 5k), so you can generally scale to a higher count of MongoDB nodes per PMM Server instance than you could with MySQL only. I mention all this so that when you read my blog post from 2017, we’re storing about 50k metric series (which is about 50 MongoDB nodes) and we consume around 400GB disk for a 30 day retention period. I hope this helps!