Nagios Plugin - UNK couldn't query the checksum table

Hello @ all,

i´m try to use/excecute percona plugin ./pmp-check-pt-table-checksum on console. But get the error message

UNK couldn’t query the checksum table

what i have to do for test check?

Thank you…

This means percona.checksums table does not exist.
Did you run pt-table-checksum prior?

There is another problem with that tool, even if you give all the correct options, but I am not sure if it’s a general mysql problem.

If you have chars like a “-” in your checksum table, it won’t work. Not even with escaping. An underscore "" works fine, so percona.test_checksum WORKS, but percona.test-checksum DOES NOT WORK. Some say, mysql has problems with table names with a minus in it, maybe the percona experts can confirm that statement. I just tested it with a minus (-) and an undersore (), took me five minutes to figure out that “bug”.

“/usr/lib64/nagios/plugins/pmp-check-pt-table-checksum -H localhost -l nagios -p XXXXXXXXX -T percona.test_checksum” gives:
OK pt-table-checksum found no out-of-sync tables

“/usr/lib64/nagios/plugins/pmp-check-pt-table-checksum -H localhost -l nagios -p XXXXXXXX -T percona.test-checksum” gives:
UNK couldn’t query the checksum table

Take a close look at the table names to see the difference. Of course, I created those checksum tables right before.

Do not use a minus “-” in your checksum tables and the error will not appear. I hope this might help someone in the future.

Best wishes