mysql vs percona first test

Hello, I tell you, what is my scenary., I have a vmware virtual machine install in ssd disk. The installation is clean because I installed yesterday. First I installed mysql server 5.5 via apt-get. I restore my db and I made firsts test. the first query return 2,8 seconds for one total 3500000 of register of table, with 3 fields in mysql. In other vm with same features , I install Percona server. The same query, returns 6,47 seconds with percona server. In both case there weren’t any optimizacion. Why mysql 5.5 return better result that percona?


Hi tgarijo;

  1. Do they both have the exact same my.cnf (aside from any directory differences)?
  2. Do the VMs have the exact same specs?
  3. Are the VMs on the same physical host?

That aside, running a single query one time for comparison does not mean much. I would at the very least run that same query numerous times on each setup to get an average execution time. On top of that it would be good to run a load test such as Sysbench to see what the transactions per second / total transactions looks like for comparison.


Hi scott.nemes

the my.cnf are default db software.
exact same specs.
There are in physical host.

both vm create from same template.

Ok but if you run the query in mysql and return specific time and then run the same query in percona and the time is higher, then I have some doubts

Hi tgarijo;

A single query run is not much to go on. You will definitely need to do further tests if you really want a fair comparison for your specific data and workload. So for next steps, I would run more tests.