Mysql_upgrade for active 3 node cluster


I have 3 node cluster ( 2 data node and one arbitrator ). The percona cluster version is Percona-XtraDB-Cluster-57-5.7.36-31.55.1 on these nodes. I am getting warnings in my error logs which means that I need to run mysql_upgrade. As it is active cluster so I was not sure how I should plan it. I tried to google but could not get clear answer. Please check the following steps that I was thinking and correct me if I am missing anything.

1- Remove the 2 nodes from the cluster so that there is only one node left.
2- Run mysql_upgrade on the running one node ( do we need to do restart the node once we do it ? So we will be bootstraping the only node in cluster )
3- Start the other nodes in the cluster. ( The changes will be replicated automatically on the other nodes, Please correct me if it is not the case ).



Hi @shahidbashir7861 , welcome back to the Percona Forums!

What you can do is take a single node out of the cluster, and execute mysql_upgrade. This will generally upgrade schema only within the instance. Then re-join this node to the cluster.

if it successfully rejoins, then you can either pull the other server out of the cluster and run mysql_upgrade there, or, force an SST.

You should be ok to leave the arbitrator node as a member of the cluster through this maintenance operation.

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Micheal, thanks for checking.

You mean I should take out one node from the cluster and then on this node I will run mysql_upgrade. Does it mean that the node I will take out, i will need to bootstrap it as single node ? and then run mysql_upgrade on it ? Please explain.


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