Mysql Replication or Tungsten - Will pay for help

I need a HA solution for a mysql database for my website which is getting about 300k page views per day. I can’t use a mysql cluster because I need fulltext. As well I would like to implement a solution that would allow me to have servers in different datacenters to avoid downtime in the event of a disaster at any particular isp. Update are fairly low at about 6 updates a second. I have been studying and considering mmm and tungsten. I need the system to be fault tolerant but I don’t want to open myself up to data corruption such that I have to manually try to put data back together. It also must handle a server going down without service interruption. I am willing to pay for help.

Thanks in advance, Doug

What you’re trying to build is very hard, broadly speaking. But you can surely pay us for help! Fill out the contact form on our website and the sales staff will be in touch.