MySQL Master / Master Solution


I am trying to find a solution to the redundancy of our MySQL servers, currently we are working with the solution DRBD Active / Passive, or we seek solutions to a Master Architecture Master asset and distribute the load on all Master and thus have a redundancy of our servers.

I found:

Galera: This is only for innodb impossible for MyISAM database …

MySQL Cluster: Impossible with the large size of our bases, teras bytes …

Are there other solutions?

Thank you.


Other then you mentioned, There is native MySQL replication for master-master but it is asynchronous if you would like to use.

In synchronous replication, there are some more options…like

  1. Percona XtraDB Cluster (based on Galera)
  2. Tungsten replicator ([url][/url])

Also read for more details here. [url][/url]