MySQL options processing order


We use Percona MySQL from Percona’s reporitories for our Ubuntu servers. We have own Ansible role which installs the software at our infrastructure.

The questions is how and where to specify MySQL options.

/etc/mysql/my.cnf file uses !includedir for including the options from the directories. Vendor provides a couple of files with the values as well:

root@percona16:/etc/mysql/conf.d# ls -1

root@percona16:/etc/mysql/percona-server.conf.d# ls -1

We do not want to touch the files which come with .deb package (we had the situation when the configuration got overridden during the upgrade).
There could be the dynamic MySQL options as well.

MySQL manual tells us that “MySQL makes no guarantee about the order in which option files in the directory are read.”

The question is: where can we put our options (some of them are not dynamic options) so that config file overrides the values which comes from the package vendor?

hello zentavr I’m sorry we didn’t get to this question. Did you find the answer you needed?