Migrate from oracle to mysql

Hi All,

Pls, could you help me on the following issues:

I would like to migrate from oracle to mysql and one of important step is to
replace the actual job built on oracle environment;
Basically every day I receive from other oracle environment some ‘oracle’
dump files (mainly CTL or oracle table exports). Today my oracle jobs load
the received data (CTL…) in my oracle tables. Now I would like to replace
my ‘oracle’ tables in MYSQL tables continuing to receive the file coming
from oracle environment.

So. Do you have same tools or artifacts to read the oracle CTL files (or
oracle tables dump) from mysql environment?
I already used mysqlimport GUI but I does not meet my needs. I need the
script/command to do these.

Thx in advance for prompt help/suggestion.

I think you will need to use some proprietary product, or write a custom data import process.