MySQL failed to handshake due to LOCK_thread_cache not released

I’m not sure whether it’s ok or not, if I post my help wanted here. It seems that i encounter a bug-like issue. Percona-server 5.7.24-27

Just looking at this and will feedback on the best course of action…

Most people only focus on " too many connections", and lose attentions to other important things. I really don’t know how to emphasize the key things which make them believe it’s abnormal issue other than “too many connections”.

This is most likely to be to do with known issues, good news is that it is likely to have been fixed in 5.7.25-28 which has been released.

Here is a release document:

The two related bugs are and

If you are able to provide sample output from running this I can maybe get someone in the team to confirm this

It’s wonderful, thanks for your answer. I don’t know describe the issue, so i failed to search the bug in the release notes.
pt-pmp is a wonderfull tool. Many thanks.

You’re very welcome… totally understand that’s it’s not always easy to get the right search terms BUT we are always here to help.
Feel free to use the Forum anytime… finding you on Stack Overflow can be a bit hit and miss though in fact I did see your question there and will go and answer it now :slight_smile:
Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: