MySQL Extremely Slow Starting Up

Hello Everybody,

I am using a Windows 2003 Web Edition Server running IIS and MySQL 4.1. I had to restart the server the other day and it took MySQL over an hour to come back up. I was watching it on my task manager and it went up to approximately 50,000k in 10k increments before I was able to access MySQL. My CPU usage was hovering around 3% all this time. Everything else came up on the server just fine. This happens every time I have to restart my server. The reason I have to restart my server most of the time, is because MySQL locks up on me.

Is there any settings I can change that would help me here? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

One more thing to add. I am using the default my.ini file. We have almost 100 different databases on the server and have around 20000 tables within all of these databases combined. The Memory Usage is at 857MB in use at this time.

Thank you in Advance,