Mysql exporter question


I implemented metrics using the mysql_global_status_slow_queries exporter, but currently only queries delayed by more than 10 seconds are displayed.

To DB server
long_query_time=1 is set in my.cnf.

Do I need to do something more on the pmm server?

pmm is using version 2.6 and grafana is using version 9.2.

@shshwe2 are you using PMM or just exporter separately?
PMM version 2.6 is quite outdated, so I suggest updating to the latest version.

Sorry, pmm version is 2.36

I am using a compiled library called mysql_exporter.

Instead of slow queries being delayed by more than 10 seconds, we want to extract the number of queries delayed by more than 1 second.

Currently mysql config is set to long_query_time=1.