MySQL error database...?

I have just started using MySQL and would like to know if there is any MySQL error database around on the inernet, similar to the following 14a5cd2788256e97004c7b22/082f16ef9cb0572f88256e75007cae52?Op enDocument

[URL=“http://System Error Codes (1700-3999) (WinError.h) - Win32 apps | Microsoft Docs”]Developer tools, technical documentation and coding examples | Microsoft Docs

The reason that I’m asking for this is that the syntax results in the newer version is very different to the older ones. I have obtained a course ware which is based on the version 3.23.33 and the one installed on my computer is v5.0.56. In the older version, improper input with the syntax of tinyint and int zerofill will not generate any errors but the software will autoadjust the input instead, whereas in the newer version, improper input of the syntax will generate the errors of 1064, 1264 or 1364 etc. This is a great improvement in that the software application to the highly law regulated industries will be more secure such as in financial and LIMS sectors in which software autoadjustification should not be allowed. My unsatisfaction with the newer version is that it does not have error db for me to find a quick solution. Thankfully, the errors mentioned above is not difficult to fix up if one is a bit of computer literatured. However, I’m sure when I continue to learn the MySQL, I will reach the stage where I’m not be able to fix the errors without detailed references. I hope the MySQL nurds would be able to grasp my point

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