Mysql Enterprise Edition Subscription - VM

Hello Guys

We have 1 innodb Cluster with 3 nodes ( 1 RW and 2 RO no user connections ) and more 3 standard replicas in the other site just for DR only receiving binlog from Cluster ( no user connections ) )

Anyone knows , how many subscriptions ( sockets) I must to pay to Oracle ( annual ) ?

Ps : All servers are virtual !

PLease find attached the Oracle documentation , but I still with questions about it

mysql-pricelist-183985.pdf (86.5 KB)

Hello @Andre1976,
Good news, MySQL is open source software! InnoDB Cluster (MySQL+Router) is free for all! There is no required Enterprise license (unless you specifically want that, which honestly doesn’t really gain you anything that you cannot already get from the community).
To answer your question, you need 0, zip, zero, zilch, nadda, subscriptions to pay to Oracle. (Not unless you really really want to).

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Hello @matthewb

I appreciate your advice but It is a critical and old environment in our Company and also They understand that It must have Oracle support.

Anyway, I only wanna know about subscription by socket in read only replicas and virtual machines , How does It work

Thank you for support

Andre Rodrigues

Hello @Andre1976,
Since you are coming to Percona forums, I must recommend our support over Oracles.

All “Enterprise features” available in MySQL Enterprise are available as 100% open source (ie: free) features from Percona. You would only need a basic support contract if you need assistance with troubleshooting, upgrades, etc