Mysql dump overwrite on the same DB

We have copied the mysql dump of ABC database from host1 around 6 months back and restored on host2 working with the same data in ABC internally. However, since its been too long thought of getting the latest dump and reload on same database. Options looked for is rename the DB, but since it is not a best practice we have ignored that. Not interested to drop the database and recreate nor will be able to restart the DB instance for any reason. Finally thought of taking the mysql dump from host1 and restore on host2 without any changes. Please let me know will there be any issues while restoring or at a later point of time when trying to extract the data as per our work demands!

Hi Krishna,

I’m bit confused so want to understand why you are dumping data from host1 and restore it into host2 with the same database? Means do you have any requirement like one server is production and another is test/stage? so after couple of months you are coping updated data from prod to test/stage for testing? is this the case? If yes then why dont you try with MySQL replication from host1 to host2 where data will be automatically updated through replication?

Generally if you want to restore the DB with the same database name then it should not have any issue as while restoring mysqldump internally it will drop, recreate the table and load the data. And later point of time, you can also extract some partial data from mysqldump file.

The idea is do not want to setup replication here, but need to use the existing data for staging environment for next 6 months. I am going to restore every 6 months and not regularly. Thanks for clarifying that when we restore on the same DB it will drop the table, recreate and load the data afresh. We have already done the above setup in one of our production servers and it went through fine…! Thanks again for your prompt reply.