MySQL crashes during backup

Since the last update (percona-xtrabackup:amd64 (2.2.12-1.wheezy, 2.3.2-1.wheezy), xtrabackup:amd64 (2.2.12-1.wheezy, 2.3.2-1.wheezy))

i have trouble running xtrabackup. I get the following error:

Finished backing up non-InnoDB tables and files
Error: failed to execute query SHOW MASTER STATUS: MySQL server has gone away
The error.log is empty, and the version is: innobackupex version 2.3.2 Linux (x86_64) (revision id: 306a2e0)

The MySQL Server is version: 5.6.25-1~dotdeb+7.1-log (Debian)

Is there a way, i can debug this?

Can you please post backup command you used along with full backup log output.