mysql crashed cannot restart

This is the second time this has happened to me on two different VPS. Logs says insufficient memory but I have 2GB and 250MB swap for small websites. And its crashing on off peak hours.

this is my journalctl data at the time of the crash.


I cant get mysql to restart. my db files appears intact. Problem is restarting sql. I have tried to rename those 3 ibdata files and then rebooting sql. that worked once before but not this time.:frowning:

Please help.

The crash was obviously due to too much memory allocated. It appears you have quite a few different items running so 2GB might not be sufficient memory. You should not remove the ibdata files without setting ‘innodb_fast_shutdown=0’ [url]MySQL :: MySQL 5.7 Reference Manual :: 14.15 InnoDB Startup Options and System Variables as they contain data that has not been written to the table specific data files yet. Posting the error messages from the mysql startup process would help determine why the mysql daemon is not starting. You should also be able to install the mysqltuner package which will do some very rough calculations on the maximum amount of memory that could be used given your configuration, although those numbers will be higher than actual usage as not every connection will max out the total amount of memory that it can.