MySQL 5.5 and old passwords

I run MySQL 5.5 on all production and staging (please don’t ask), with old_passwords=1 (same).

When I try to run pmm-admin add mysql, I get

Connection check failed: this user requires old password authentication. If you still want to use it, please add ‘allowOldPasswords=1’ to your DSN.

How do I set that option? Running “pmm-admin add mysql --help” It doesn’t look like the command can take a DSN as an argument…


Hi @gdevelek,
Unfortunately we don’t support ability to edit DSN or add extra arguments for now.

Could you create a task in our Jira(, please?

Thank you for your report.

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@gdevelek we also currently don’t support mysql 5.5 with PMM 2.x

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What PMM version must I go to, then?

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