mysql 5.0.24 returns long instead of integer

we are upgrading our database from mysql 4.0.18 to mysql 5.0.24.
everything went smoothly except some reports gives class cast exception. we have tomcat 4.1 installed on mandriva 2007. it’s observed that some resultsets which normaly returns Integer returns Long now and hence the complication.

we tried with connector mysql-connector-java-5.0.4-bin.jar but no improvment.

cany some body help pls.

thanks in advance.

Pradeep John.

I would suggest you to

  1. come up with repeatable test case which shows the different result in 5.0 vs 4.1

  2. It may help to report it as a bug on - if it is considered the bug it will be fixed, if not Mark will likely explain you why it is not.