Moving from gtid on_permissive to on


I’m trying to move from 5.6 to 5.7. As part of that I want to have GTID fully on once I get to 5.7.

Right now I’ve got the following working setup:

master1 (5.6.19, gtid off)

  • slave1m1 (5.6.19, gtid off, master = master1)
  • newmaster1 (5.7.13 gtid on_permissive, master = master1)
  • newslave1m1 (5.7.13 gtid on_permissive, master = newmaster1)

Now I’ve got more slaves to add which is fine but my question is I know I need on_permissve to get it replicating from a gtid off server but what steps should I follow to get the slaves of the newmaster1 fully gtid = on and then the newmaster1 gtid = on.

A full outage will need to occur at some point so that’s OK if needed.