How safe is it to turn on GTID after x time?

Hi guys!

I have 2 percona galera cluster with 3-3 node. My config is very simple because i learn time to time, and now i finded GTID. I read now some blog post, docs about that and i read somewhere that it is avoid to turn on after x time. In my first cluster i have 200 gb data and the second cluster i have 40x gb data.
Can i turn on normally GTID or not?
where can there be a mistake?

(mysql Ver 14.14 Distrib 5.7.33-36, for debian-linux-gnu (x86_64) using 7.0)

Thank you very much any link, blog post or explanation.

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Are you replicating between these clusters, or are the clusters independent? If your clusters are independent, then GTID makes no difference here. GITD is only used for async replication (ie: master/slave, source/replica). Since you are using PXC/Galera, there is no async replication.

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I want to setup 1 slave for DR and i think it is easier to setup with GTID, just i need to turn on first.

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@b.roland96 Yes, GTID will be much easier. You can certainly turn on GTID and you can do it in progressive stages online, like this: Do each command on each node in the cluster before going to the next command.

SET GLOBAL gtid_mode=ON;