Mongodb exporter missing metrics

HI !
i create a MongoDB exporter like this link How To Monitor MongoDB with Grafana and Prometheus on Ubuntu 20.04 | DigitalOcean . But when I get metrics by curl http://localhost:9216/metrics |grep mongo. the returrn like that

HELP mongodb_exporter_build_info A metric with a constant ‘1’ value labeled by version, revision, branch, and goversion from which mongodb_exporter was built.

TYPE mongodb_exporter_build_info gauge

mongodb_exporter_build_info{branch=“v0.7.1”,goversion=“go1.11.10”,revision=“3002738d50f689c8204f70f6cceb8150b98fa869”,version=“0.7.1”} 1

HELP mongodb_exporter_last_scrape_duration_seconds Duration of the last scrape of metrics from MongoDB.

TYPE mongodb_exporter_last_scrape_duration_seconds gauge

mongodb_exporter_last_scrape_duration_seconds 0.000588663

HELP mongodb_exporter_last_scrape_error Whether the last scrape of metrics from MongoDB resulted in an error (1 for error, 0 for success).

TYPE mongodb_exporter_last_scrape_error gauge

mongodb_exporter_last_scrape_error 1

HELP mongodb_exporter_scrape_errors_total Total number of times an error occurred scraping a MongoDB.

TYPE mongodb_exporter_scrape_errors_total counter

mongodb_exporter_scrape_errors_total 8

HELP mongodb_exporter_scrapes_total Total number of times MongoDB was scraped for metrics.

TYPE mongodb_exporter_scrapes_total counter

mongodb_exporter_scrapes_total 8

HELP mongodb_up Whether MongoDB is up.

TYPE mongodb_up gauge

mongodb_up 0

How I can export more metric

Hi, most likely the configured user for mongdb_exporter doesn’t have enough perms. I strongly suggest you deploy PMM (instead of just the exporter) as you’ll get access to many more metrics as well as Query Analytics.