MongoDB Community Version 2.6.12 - Upgrade to Percona Server for MongoDB 4.2

Hi and good day,

Just wanted to know if i can directly upgrade a MongoDB Community Version 2.6.12 to Percona Server for Mongo DB 4.2

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Hi @dan.mbtc

I’m not sure if you already got your question clarified, but it may help others who are with the same doubt.

It’s important to have in mind that is not related to MongoDB CE to PSMDB or vice-versa but indeed with the correct upgrade path per se.

That’s because PSDBM is a drop-in replacement for MongoDB CE.

So, if you are planning to upgrade by replacing the existing binaries, you must upgrade to the next major release only, and so on. E.g:
2.6.x → 3.0.x and then 3.0.x → 3.2.x → 3.4.x… Until the 4.2.x binarie.

However, you can also choose to use mongodump and mongorestore as upgrade procedure, in that way it’s possible to jump directly from 2.6.x to 4.2.x - By dumping from 2.6.x and restoring into 4.2.x

In both cases, it’s highly suggested to test the upgrade procedure as several changes/features were applied between those versions.


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hi, sorry for the late response , thank you for the suggestion will test the mongodump and have it tested by application support.

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