Minikube and Percona readiness errors

Hi all,
I’m trying to deploy the Percona server locally using Minikube according to these docs:

The operator is up and running but the 3 pods minimal-cluster-cfg-0, minimal-cluster-mongos-0, minimal-cluster-rs0-0 are running but have errors:

  1. Readiness probe failed: dial tcp connect: connection refused
  2. Readiness probe failed: command "/opt/percona/mongodb-healthcheck k8s readiness --component mongos --ssl --sslInsecure --sslCAFile /etc/mongodb-ssl/ca.crt --sslPEMKeyFile /tmp/tls.pem" timed out - this one refers to minimal-cluster-mongos-0.

those are the deployment, replica sets and statefulsets, and pods I have in the cluster(the cluster is empty except the percona installation) which I have installed according the docs without any change.

I’m using Docker driver for running Minikube.
minikube version: v1.30.1
kubectl client version: v1.21.9
kubectl server version:v1.26.3
Percona version v1.14.0

appreciate your help, if needed more info let me know