Metric for rs.status().lastStableRecoveryTimestamp in percona's mongodb_exporter

Is there a metric available for this field?

That falling behind significantly seems to be a good indication of a serious issue with the database. (e.g. write majority loss or checkpointing falling far behind…)

(We used to look at lastStableCheckpointTimestamp, but that has been removed)

Hi @Gertvdb

The field is deprecated since version 4.2.
You may check available metrics for replSetGetStatus command in Explore for prefix rs

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lastStableCheckpointTimestamp was deprecated in 4.2 and removed, it seems like it was basically renamed to lastStableRecoveryTimestamp (I see I only mentioned that in the title), which I don’t find in the output. (I had a broken cluster and was looking for that timestamp’s digits in the exporter’s metrics.) (I looked for the 6 or so digits after the initial “1” since the exporter mostly use floating point notation)

lastStableRecoveryTimestamp is marked as “internal use” in the MongoDB docs, but the code paths that referred lastStableCheckpointTimestamp was just changed to refer to that instead.

Thanks, it is useful to know where the metrics originating from the different commands are exposed. (That would be useful in the README as well)