Maintaining Central DB Data Sequence

Dear All,
I have few client local application which will insert data into a local table called as tblTransaction where I have transactionID,transactionDetailsID,outletFromID,outletToID ,stockID,transactionDate,transactionTime,transactionType and some other fields. So after some interval all this data will be copied into a central database with same name tblTransaction so the primary key I have set as transactionID,transactionDetailsID,outletFromID,outletToID and transactionType. So now the problem is in the central server I would like the order the data all by the sequence of occurrences. So now I depend on the date and time. So what I foresee is the local client maybe able to change their date and time and secondly due to cmos battery they can sometimes date and time becomes slower etc. So in order to avoid date and time is there any other method to maintain the sequence at the central server of all the transaction from all the clients.

You can probably do a quick proof by contradiction to show that unless there is some communication between these local applications, there is no way to guarantee that order is preserved. Some things are simply not possible.

Dear Xaprb,
I dont get you when you say “quick proof by contradiction” what do you mean by that? Thank you.