maintained rotation script for xtrabackup/innobackupex ?

Is there a well-supported (shell) script for backup that manages full/incremental backups on a rotation schedule, ensuring proper ‘prepare’ etc, as well as restore?

I’ve seen some scripts, but none, apparently, that are still developed/maintained …

I can certainly write my own – or modify a useful tool like automysqlbackup – but would hope/suspect that it’s already been done by someone ‘in here’.


Please check this script. It was made by one of Percona consultant, Jervin Real. It might be helpful to you.

Afaict, that’s simply a script to take a backup – full or incremental. Not clear what benefit that has over innobackupex …

It doesn’t manage/address a rotation schedule at all – which was the simple point of my question.

Another script I can recommend is surrogate: It is a simple bash wrapper for Percona’s Xtrabackup utility.