Mac OSX macports Percona server performance question

Now, before anyone gets all worked up, I know you guys aren’t the support for it, but I have a question that you might be able to help me with, and if you can, great.

On our app, we have an install script that does a ton of CREATE TABLEs. On a linux server with percona 5.5 on it, the script executes quite quickly, under 2-3 seconds. On my Mac (local install, for dev), it take 45-60 seconds to execute. It tends to hang a long time on the CREATE TABLE statements.

The server works just fine, it just performs horribly on CREATE statements.

Is there some magic I am missing? Are there settings that are better for a mac than for linux that I am unaware of? Any suggestions as to where to look?

Any help would be appreciated.


This is probably not something that you can fix with configuration; it is likely to be caused by Mac’s filesystem itself. If this is a test/dev machine that you don’t care about, you might try disabling sync_frm and see if that’s the trick; if that doesn’t do it, then you’ll need to measure where the time is being spent, probably with strace or its Mac equivalent, or perhaps the Performance Schema.

WOW did that make the difference. Thanks.

This isn’t a production box, it is a dev box, I just like developing locally.

Thanks again for the help.