lost table

I had a table with about 200.000 rows and now the file .MYD is lost and i don’t know why and how to recover it.

I read on this forum that not the big numbers of rows affects the performances, but the queries so…
I want to know if it is possible to lose the table because of a large number of queries witch might not be verry optimized.

And another question is if somebody know how can i recover a database from a .db file? (I have the database saved into an .db file, but i don’t know how to use it).


Check out .db file it just contains couple of lines, no data where.

.MYD is the file where data actually stored if you lost it you’ve got to recover from backups/binary logs if you have ones since your database start.

olioli wrote on Tue, 06 March 2007 07:19

There are many variables that contribute to the performance of a database server. The server, the database schema, the amount of data and the queries.

If you have an MYD file that is corrupt, then you are using the MyISAM storage engine. Simply, MyISAM is a very basic storage engine that doesnt provide the key things like data durability or consistency that we care about when we store important data in a database.

I would suggest having a look at the Percona support option and then using that support to discuss how your solution can be improved.

(Note - I dont work for percona - I work for a website in Australia - so please take my feedback as unbiased).