Looks like pt-deadlock-logger is erroring out?

We have been running deadlock logger for a long time but after upgrading a database to 8, we have noticed that it fails out on one of our databases. Logs below

<db>-ptdeadlocklogger-5d79f987dc-qdg6f <db>-pt-deadlocklogger # VersionCheck:4029 4786 Updating last check time: 1707351864
<db>-ptdeadlocklogger-5d79f987dc-qdg6f <db>-pt-deadlocklogger # VersionCheck:4050 4786 Updated: 0 $VAR1 = {name => 'system',ts => 1707351864};
<db>-ptdeadlocklogger-5d79f987dc-qdg6f <db>-pt-deadlocklogger # VersionCheck:4050 4786 Updated: 22b25b969335d40010dd9439d130ea91 $VAR1 = {name => 'localhost3306',ts => 1707351864};
<db>-ptdeadlocklogger-5d79f987dc-qdg6f <db>-pt-deadlocklogger # pt_deadlock_logger:4833 4786 iterations: undef interval: 30
<db>-ptdeadlocklogger-5d79f987dc-qdg6f <db>-pt-deadlocklogger # Runtime:4519 4786 Current time: 1707351864
<db>-ptdeadlocklogger-5d79f987dc-qdg6f <db>-pt-deadlocklogger # pt_deadlock_logger:5183 4786 Deadlock fingerprint: db<db>.<hostname>2024-02-07T22:46:4711835774db<db>.<hostname>2024-02-07T22:46:4711836006
<db>-ptdeadlocklogger-5d79f987dc-qdg6f <db>-pt-deadlocklogger # pt_deadlock_logger:4872 4786 New deadlock
<db>-ptdeadlocklogger-5d79f987dc-qdg6f <db>-pt-deadlocklogger # pt_deadlock_logger:4876 4786 Saving deadlock to --dest
<db>-ptdeadlocklogger-5d79f987dc-qdg6f <db>-pt-deadlocklogger Wide character in print at /usr/bin/pt-deadlock-logger line 4915.
<db>-ptdeadlocklogger-5d79f987dc-qdg6f <db>-pt-deadlocklogger # Daemon:3145 4786 Removed PID file
<db>-ptdeadlocklogger-5d79f987dc-qdg6f <db>-pt-deadlocklogger # Cxn:2881 4786 Destroying cxn
<db>-ptdeadlocklogger-5d79f987dc-qdg6f <db>-pt-deadlocklogger # Cxn:2891 4786 DBI::db=HASH(0x557bed355168) Disconnecting dbh on localhost h=db<db>.<hostname>,P=3306
<db>-ptdeadlocklogger-5d79f987dc-qdg6f <db>-pt-deadlocklogger # Cxn:2881 4786 Destroying cxn
<db>-ptdeadlocklogger-5d79f987dc-qdg6f <db>-pt-deadlocklogger # Cxn:2891 4786 DBI::db=HASH(0x557bed3631b0) Disconnecting dbh on localhost h=db<db>.<hostname>,P=3306
<db>-ptdeadlocklogger-5d79f987dc-qdg6f <db>-pt-deadlocklogger server ts thread txn_id txn_time user hostname ip db tbl idx lock_type lock_mode wait_hold victim query

Its really not giving me good info on why its failing.
Any help appreciated.

Hi @Jeff_Smelser

Could you please send us the full command you use to call pt-deadlock-logger and the full output of the tool?

I can not, it exposes to much data we don’t want out.
I did figure this out. This db has a table called email which is what sends our emails out and we save them. So it has a lot if utf8mb4 type data in it. When a deadlock happens, it wants to print it. This is failing: Wide character in print at /usr/bin/pt-deadlock-logger line 4915
So turning off just printing it has fixed it. (it still saves it to the db fine.)

Thank you for the update.

This looks similar to [PT-2282] - Percona JIRA which we are planning to fix.

yes, thats the same issue. Awesome!