Logging and preventing network hiccups

As far as I can tell when running xtrabackup with xbstream | xbcloud put it logs to the shell but does not log to any file. Is there a logfile by default? if not how do I save one?

I had an scenario where I lost SSH connection to an xtrabackup so I had to just wait until it the process was no longer in ps to know if it completed. When I went to restore it was missing part .00000000000000001565 despite having all other 1566 parts. Would the log had said it was successful?

Is there a setting where it will keep retrying to upload a part indefinitely and never give up? this was painful to see it missed a single part when all the others were there.

Is there a way for it to add part 1565 back if it was ran with --slave-info --safe-slave-backup and the slave hasnt been restarted?