LoadBalancer keep recreating whenever I am restoring data from s3

I have setuped eks cluster and I am exposing my mongos pods with a Load Balancer and when I am restoring my db I am getting a ready status and even my data is restored but after restoration process my mongos pod is getting killed and my load balancer is getting recreated
Is this default behaviour our there is any issue with the restore thing.
here are the operator logs “controller_error.logs · GitHub
I have also created a issue here “[K8SPSMDB-913] restore recreates mongos pod which recreates load balancer - Percona JIRA
let me know what I am doing wrong

@Avinash_Rai Interesting. I will try to reproduce it and let you know.

I reproduced the issue. I see that load balancer is recreated, even for logical backup.

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thanks for the update, hope it will get fixed soon