CREATE USER ‘manilal_cfn’@‘localhost’ IDENTIFIED WITH authentication_ldap_simple BY ‘uid=manilal_cfn,dc=idm,dc=genasys,dc=sandbox’;

The Percona MySQL Docker container has been successfully set up. However, I would like to integrate LDP authentication within Percona. To this end, I have added the following plugins:
authentication_ldap_simple_server_host = 10.133.######"

after loading these plugins…

I have created user in Percona Mysql - ‘ldapuser’@‘localhost’, identified with authentication_ldap_simple BY ‘uid=ldapuser,dc=idm,dc=genasys,dc=sandbox’,

after created the user , i tried to login the percona
mysql -h localhost -u ldapuser -p

i got error like below ,

“Authentication plugin ‘mysql_clear_password’ cannot be loaded: plugin not enabled”

I added a plugin to my.cnf, “plugin-load-add=mysql_clear_password.so,”
however when the plugin attempted to load a Docker container, I received the error below,

“Authentication plugin’mysql_clear_password’ cannot be loaded: plugin not enabled.”

[ERROR] [MY-010901] [Redacted Server] It is not possible to open the shared library ‘/usr/lib64/mysql/plugin/authentication_plugin’ (errno: 2: “Cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory”).
| 2024-05-22T13:31:08.106541Z gem-dev-east-percona-1-percona-pxc 0 [ERROR] [MY-010736] [Redacted Server] Plugin’mysql_clear_password’ with soname ‘authentication_plugin’ could not be loaded.

any assistance with this?