authentication_ldap_simple issue

I have attempted to setup a system and have it partially working but must be missing something else here…

I loaded the plugin set the following variables and restarted

Server version: 8.0.20-11.2 Percona XtraDB Cluster



drop user xxxx;

CREATE USER ‘xxxxx’@’%’

IDENTIFIED WITH authentication_ldap_simple

AS ‘cn=xxxx,ou=groups,dc=xxx,dc=xxx,dc=com’;

what is weird is the user id can connect with no password at all! (even had others try so its not getting it from my profile)

What step did I miss?

Hello meyerder ,

Could you may have discovered a bug, could you please try 8.0.20-11.3, and let us know if the issue persists ?

In addition if you could also please describe your setup a bit more, which LDAP server and protocol version are you using for example.



I actually got it to work on 8.0.20-11.2 but discovered that the roles aspect does not work in 8.0.20-11.2. I see 8.0.20-11.3 is now in the repo so I will try later today

**Note I found a jira ticket (cant find it now) that the role aspect of this was fixed in 8.0.21 so really hoping 8.0.21 comes out soon