Issues while adding nodes to PXC CLuster 5.7

Hi all,

I’m facing some issues while trying to add a node to a PXC 5.7 cluster. I believe that it was a bug but Percona support redirects me to the forum instead.

Summary: [LIST=1]
[]DB Size = 100GB
]2 data node and 1 garbd node
[*]PXC 5.7 latest release on RHEL 7.3
[/LIST] The mysqld process on joiner dies immediately the moment it tries to join the cluster. I have ensured that the issue is not because of common mis-configuration. You can find all the logs in the bug report.



Any experts around? :smiley:

Please re-upload the mysql error log files, innobackup.backup.log (donor) and innobackup.prepare.log (joiner), and my.cnf from joiner and donor nodes.