Issue with inserting new entry to table

We have issue with inserting new data to table after we moved our database from old MySQL server (version 5.5.37) under service provider to our own DB server witch is now running Percona version of MySQL with release 5.7.22-22. Data move is done over mysqldump file.

Example table has two columns: id (int 11, key: PRI, auto_increment), log_entry (varchar 255)

SQL query witch works OK at old server: insert into demoLog values(’’, ‘plaaplaaplaa’)
At new server it returns error about incorrect integer value ‘’ for column ‘id’.
If I introduce column names for values and I leave ‘id’ as out of query, then it works, but that is not the case.

At old server is no sql-modes at setup, but new one has “STRICT_ALL_TABLES,NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION” by default, so is this relating to SQL-mode? If yes, witch SQL-mode causes such change to behavior of not allow anymore insert data to database without introducing also columns for values and requires hard-type of data?

Thanks! =)