I don't see STRICT_TRANS_TABLES errors in logs

Hi guys,

That is very weird but I can not get mysql 5.7 percona to send any warn\errors to log file in case I try to run some INSERT and get error like this in mysql console
ERROR 1265 (01000): Data truncated for column ‘lcr_rate’ at row 1
I know that this happens because of sql_mode=STRICT_TRANS_TABLES. I can disable this to avoid the issue.
The main thing I am worry about - I don’t see these type on errors anywhere in logs
i.e. INSERT was not done but I know nothing.
that obviosly should not be so.

SELECT @@version;

select @@log_error_verbosity;

SELECT @@log_syslog;

SELECT @@log_error;

SELECT @@log_warnings;

Btw, i see some other errors in /var/log/mysqld.log but NOT errors that happens because of STRICT_TRANS_TABLES.

Please advice how can I get them in logs.