Is there a Percona 8 ODBC backend?

Is there a Percona specific backend for ODBC?

We’re in the process of upgrading to Percona 8 from Percona 5.7, and as a preparation we’re switching our database clients to use Percona specific libraries were they aren’t yet. One of our main database using software connect via ODBC.

I’ve looked inside the Percona Debian repository (which we’re currently using on the server but not yet on clients), and there are some packages which replace mysql client libraries, for instance libperconaserverclient20-dev . But nothing ODBC specific. I would expect there to be a for Percona.

What’s the advised way to connect to Percona 8 server using ODBC? We’re using Debian bullseye.

Thanks in advance.

Because Percona is an upstream-rebase of MySQL (ie: not a fork), you can use the ODBC Connector/J provided by Oracle. There is no Percona-specific ODBC connector because one is not needed.

Thank you for the answer!

Maybe I should have worded my reasoning better. Percona 8 brings new authentication methods. So from my understanding I cannot make use of those when using the upstream mysql client libraries. Is that correct?

That is not correct. “Percona” is not the source of the new auth methods. “MySQL 8” brings new auth methods, and as I said above, Percona is an upstream-rebase of MySQL. Whatever MySQL introduces, Percona also gets by default.

Therefore, any upstream client libraries are 100% fully compatible with Percona MySQL.

That clears things up. Thank you!