Is the .percona for mysql a kind of mysql database?

Dear all:
I am an oracle dba and I wants to learn mysql. So I decide to start from .percona.

I am curiously that Is the .percona for mysql a kind of mysql database ? just like oracle mysql or MariaDB ?

How can I begin ?

Percona MySQL is an enhanced version of Oracle MySQL (known as a rebase; Percona is not a fork). We take the MySQL released from Oracle and add new features, and improve existing ones. We don’t remove anything. Anything that exists in Oracle MySQL also exists in Percona MySQL.

Where to learn:
check our training: Percona Training - Percona
check MySQL documentation:
Percona youtube:
just incase you want to see My Playlist :

Happy Learning.

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thank you very much. Although , I could mot access youtube , but really thank you.