Is singleNamespace overridable in Percona Posgresql Operator helm chart

In CrunchyData pgo helm chart, default value of singleNamespace is false to allow Postgresql Cluster to be in different namespaces. But I cannot find it in Percona Postgres Operator chart values.

Please advise.


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Hello @A_Niu ,

what is the goal that you want to achieve with this variable?
The way we work with single-tenant vs multi-tenant environments is a bit different to what Crunchy has.

I just checked and I see that it is not possible to deploy an Operator in one namespace and have cluster in another (or others) with Helm.
We have this in our template:

{{- $namespace_fields := list "namespace" "pgo_operator_namespace" }}
{{- if has $index $namespace_fields }}
{{ $index | indent 2 }}: {{ $namespace | quote }}

So setting --namespace in helm chart will change it for both namespace and pgo_operator_namespace settings in operator.yaml.

I raised the ticket for our eng team to think about it: [K8SPG-215] Granular namespaces control for operator - Percona JIRA

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Thanks @spronin

I found below value to disable the default namespace operating mode to avoid the operator from impacting each other:

    namespace_mode               = "disabled"
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