Cluster-wide installation tips

According to this doc, we have to explicitly list all (already existing) namespaces where we want to deploy pgsql clusters at operator installation step. And we can modify that list later but the operator has to be deleted then re-installed.

Is there a way to make this operator really cluster-wide (meaning available for all namespaces), as it is possible with the XtraDB one as described in this doc by setting an empty list of namespaces ?

Another question related to this cluster-wide mode, is there a limit for the number of namespaces managed by one single operator ? Is this why you write in the doc :

We recommend running Percona Operator for PostgreSQL in a traditional way, limited to a specific namespace.


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Hello @edd ,

currently it is not possible to deploy it once and cover all namespaces. You need to specify namespaces explicitly.
We will research how hard is it to provide this feature.

What is blocking you currently to specify namespaces?

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Hi @Sergey_Pronin

Thanks for your answer.
We’re working on a shared Openshift cluster between different teams and projects and we’d like to be able to provide a cluster-wide operator in the marketplace (dev catalog in Openshift) to already existing but also to future new projects that are regularly created on the cluster, without having to reinstall the operator each time a new project is added.
As far as I understood, this is how XtraDB operator works for MySQL or even the Crunchy Data operator for Postgres and we’re looking for the same kind of feature with your operator.


Hi All,

We have the same usecase. Different teams in different openshift projects want to make use of the same operator installation. We don’t want to maintain various operator installations for the same purpose.
So it would be good if we don’t have to name the namespaces, but use e.g. “*” for all projects.
Furthermore we’re only allowed to install directly from operatorhub, so this would be needed also for cluster-wide installation.

Is there any plan to include this feature in future, e.g. in operator version 2.0?

Thanks & best regards,

@martin.schack yes, in Operator v2 it will work exactly as you need. It will be possible to track all namespaces at once. Stay tuned for GA release (should be this quarter).

Hi Sergey,

Now operator 2.3 is released and certified for openshift.
But we cannot find the operator 2.3 in “operatorhub” yet, only 1.4 is available.

Will this be available soon?
Will it support the cluster-wide installation from operatorhub?

Thanks & best regards,

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Hello Martin,

yes, the release happened and we are working on operatorhub and openshift proper certification. It takes longer than our QA cycles.

I will keep you posted on the progress. The expectation that it happens in upcoming week or two.

Hi Sergey,

Any update on this topic.
Is it availabe in operatorhub for cluster-wide installation already?

Hello @martin.schack ,

the operator is OpenShift certified now and present in the operator hub.
As for cluster wide, right now the bundle in operatorhub is NOT CW. We are working w redhat to see how we can have it implemented there. Seems the easiest solution is to have a second bundle (project), but looks like an overkill.