Is it possible to use percona server with Proxysql for replication?

Good day. I trying to use
Percona Server → Proxysql → PXE cluster.
I have successful replication from percona server to PXE, but when using it with proxysql I have errors:
on Percona server (slave)

Master command COM_REGISTER_SLAVE failed: Lost connection to MySQL server during query (Errno: 2013)

I see that all queries proxied to PXE but get error.
Is it possible to use Proxysql in this schema ?

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Hello @andrey1,
Firstly, it is PXC, not PXE :slight_smile: Secondly, why are you trying this configuration? ProxySQL is not required nor needed between two MySQL servers. As you have PS → PXC working, you should just stick to that. I do not believe ProxySQL can handle replication-based traffic.


Ok. Got it. Thank you

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